SFTP is the file transfer protocol used by Virtual Incentives. Hostname, username, and password are provided to the client during a “kick-off” call or by email. In addition, the client must provide one (and only one) IP address from which Virtual Incentives’ SFTP server is accessed. If the client subsequently changes the IP address from which it uploads files, the client will not be permitted to upload files. Please notify Virtual Incentives in advance of when you plan to change your IP address.

Initially, the client is in test mode. Any file uploaded while in test mode is processed exactly as if in production mode, except that no order is placed. This processing is described in this document. Once the client has submitted a number of error-free order files, the client is switched to production mode, at which point all files are processed as production files and orders are fully completed.

Three email addresses should be provided to Virtual Incentives:

  • One for technology issues or notifications
  • One for notifications of the results of uploaded order file processing
  • One admin email address

These addresses can be the same.