Mobile Phone Lookup


Method: GET


This endpoint requires approval prior to access. Please contact your Virtual Incentives Client Success Manager to discuss your use case.


phonenumberintegerMobile phone number used for the lookup. The number must be supplied as digits only and should include the country code and area code.

Example: 18001234567
programidintegerThe programid serves an identifier that determines the funding account to use for this request.
country_codeintegerMobile phone number country of origin. This is the 2-character country code (ISO 3166-2).
carrierstringThe telecom company that provides the phone number.
mobile_country_codestringThe three digit mobile country code of the carrier, used with the mobile network code to identify a mobile network operator.
mobile_network_codestringThe two-three digit mobile network code of the carrier, used with the mobile country code to identify a mobile network operator (only returned for mobile numbers).
namestringString indicating the name of the owner of the phone number.
caller_classificationstringString indicating whether this caller is a business or consumer.
line_typestringThe phone number type. Possible values are landline, mobile, or voip.


Response XML

    <name>JOHN DOE</name>

Response JSON

  "lookup": {
    "phone": "16467361908",
    "country_code": "US",
    "carrier": {
      "mobile_country_code": "313",
      "mobile_network_code": "981",
      "name": "JOHN DOE"
    "caller_classication": "CONSUMER",
    "line_type": "mobile"